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Coast Guard Mutual AssistanceServing the men and women of the US Coast Guard since 1924
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Contact Information

Customer Service

6:00 AM–5:00 PM Eastern

(800) 881-2462
(703) 875-0404

(703) 875-0344


Headquarters Staff

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

RADM Cari Thomas
USCG (Ret)
(703) 498-8381

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ms. Sara Martin
(703) 576-7529

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

CWO4 Sean Fennell
USCG (Ret)
(703) 547-7163

Accounts Manager

Ms. Tanya Mathis
(703) 595-5930

Fundraising Manager
Education Programs Specialist

Ms. Erica Chapman
(703) 581-5297

Office Manager

Ms. Gwen Fouch
(703) 875-0404

Information Staff Assistant

Ms. Jing Patton
(703) 334-7773


Carl Mursch

Mailing Address

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
1005 N. Glebe Road
Suite 220
Arlington, VA 22201



Are positioned at locations throughout the Coast Guard